Friday, December 30, 2011

Crafty Christmas Presents

I haven't died, I promise. :)  Things have been super busy around here. Now that the holidays are over, I actually have time to think again. Quick update: I never did get the other 3 mario mushrooms done for my sis but she was thrilled with the one I did get done and never did complete any washcloths. There should be an award for most projects started and least projects finished...I'd win every time. lol.

Between me and my daughter, we should be decked out for a while.

My daughter got the large knitting machine. She has already whipped up 2 scarves and is totally in love with it. I got the little knitting machine. It does i-cords VERY quickly. I also got a 10" pair of US size 8/5.00 mm stiletto point, bell capped knitting needles from Signature Needle Arts. After tax and shipping they were $41 but this is only my second pair in 2 years. I'm totally in love with them. They make knitting so much easier.

Close ups of everything

Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas with their families.
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