Friday, June 3, 2011

Gift Card Holders

Just wanted to post an update of the 3 latest Card Sleeves I finished. I "turn them in" tomorrow morning. This puts me up to 10 completed and at least 65 more to go.

All 3 were completed with Red Heart Super Saver in the following colors: (left) Carrot, (middle) Navy, (right) Fiesta [I think that's the right name, sorry if it's not]

Did some figuring just now and by the end of this project I will actually have more than 75 card holders. I already have 10 done. There are 24 weeks until Thanksgiving and if I do 3 each week, that will give me a grand total of: 82.

Better to have too much than not enough. (How many of us use that excuse to buy more yarn? lol)
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  1. I've been corrected. The multicolor is called: Mexicana (#0950).


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