Thursday, August 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Once again, I'm late posting.

Things in progress:
  • k2, p2 rib scarf for the hubby.
  • reversible cable rib scarf for my daughter
  • crochet sampler afghan found in season 2 of 
    • Click "free patterns," then "season 2," and scroll down to the bottom to show 224: teens get stitching. The square of the week for that episode is actually the pattern for the full afghan. You have to register on their site to be able to download the pdf but as it's free to register, it doesn't seem like too much to ask.
So far I've done about 12" on my husband's scarf, about 8" on my daughter's scarf, and 3 squares of the sampler afghan. I haven't been able to find the pattern for my daughter's scarf online anywhere. I got it for free from the Michael's location in Wichita Falls, TX. Don't know how copyrights work about me uploading an image of it since it's offered for free. Will do some research on it. The sampler afghan is slow work. I kinda got bored with it and haven't worked on it in about a week or so. I plan on working on it some this week.

Will get some pics up soon. Still figuring out my new phone and that's the only camera I have at the moment.

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